I’ve teased before, and I am teasing again. Not teasing you. But alluding to an upcoming announcement.

You might recall that on December 16, 2018, on the CogSci Apps blog, I published

In January 2019, You Will Find Out Why 2019 Will Not Be Like the Years Before – CogSci Apps®,

which could only really be understood by people who know Apple’s history, including the iconic 1984 commercial.

Well, this month at CogSci Apps Corp., I will make the most significant CogSci Apps announcement since Hookmark — even since announcing CogSci Apps Corp. itself. We will again demonstrate CogSci Apps’s empathy, focus, “imputation” — a googleable triple — and our unique ethos.

I will not be announcing a new product. (But here I can say: we expect to release Hookmark for iPhone and iPad by June 30. No promises. MVP of that software has long nearly been ready. We have been focusing on Hookmark for Mac 5.1 to 5.3).

I will instead announce new mindware. The announcement reflects my lifelong passion for beautiful minds. Compare my Great Contemporaries in Cognitive Science and Related Endeavours book project and our board of advisors.

I love obliquity and strange loops. Do you?

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Luc P. Beaudoin

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