Personal consulting and coaching

Think for a moment about whether your success, usefulness and happiness depend on your abilities to learn, master and deploy complex information.

  • Do you need to read and learn more than ever before in order to stay afloat and get ahead?
  • Do you want to learn how technology can help you learn faster and yet much more effectively, instead of being frustrated by technology?
  • Are young technically savvy, whippersnappers competing for your job?
  • Are you wondering how to turn cognitive aging into an advantage?
  • Do you want to thrive rather than barely survive in the knowledge economy.
  • Do you want to start applying the gems that you read in great books rather than forgetting them?
  • Do you need retraining or to keep training and learning?
  • Do you have employees, a partner or adult children in the above situations?

If yes, then you are like millions of North Americans who need to play and work at the top of their game. So please get in touch with us about our coaching and other services.

Our coaching services aim to help high-functioning adults:

  • improve their ability to learn with technology
  • improve their remembering
  • apply what they have read
  • enhance their cognitive productivity
  • learn with zest and enthusiasm

We serve all kinds of experts: e.g., medical doctors, researchers, executives, managers, psychologists, coaches, software developers and accountants. We also assist retirees who want to improve their cognitive performance and enjoyment.

We will gladly serve you over Skype, Apple FaceTime, the phone or in person. We aim for you to see gains within two brief sessions. Within 5 or fewer sessions you will have completed your launch to a completely new level of cognitive productivity.

As MIT Artificial Intelligence Prof. Marvin Minsky remarked: “No matter what one’s problem is, provided that it’s hard enough, one always gains from learning better ways to learn”.

Does your success depend on your cognitive productivity? Then invite Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin to do for your learning with technology what John Wooden did for his players.

Coaching services provided confidentially.