Our customers realize that the success of their organization depends on their cognitive (mental) performance. Whether yours is a team of engineers, researchers, teachers, analysts, lawyers, or any other knowledge workers, we will help them be their best.

If this quote of W. Deming rings true to you, you might be interested in us. “Information is not knowledge. The world is drowning in information but is slow in acquisition of knowledge. There is no substitute for knowledge.” These workshops help you acquire expert knowledge.

Scholarly-Productivity Workshops

Scholars must perpetually strive for cognitive productivity. They must use ways of processing information and learning that are compatible with principles of cognition. They must use technology as efficiently and effectively as possible.

CogZest offers workshops specifically for the following workshops designed specifically for scholarly researchers.

  • From building knowledge to developing ourselves with knowledge
  • Research information management
  • Evaluating, rejecting and selecting knowledge resources
  • Analyzing documents and other knowledge resources
  • What are the aims of science?
  • Conceptual analysis

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Productive learning with technology workshops

These workshops are designed to enable experts to learn more efficiently and effectively than ever before by using existing technology in a new way while leveraging the most potent of Cognitive Science.

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Teacher Workshops

We currently offer public school teachers discounted rates for our workshops.

Other Workshops

Having made some important discoveries and generated new knowledge, we are currently revamping our line of workshops to. This is excited. Please stay tuned.