Productive learning with technology—workshops

These workshops are designed to enable experts to learn more efficiently and effectively than ever before by using technology and the most potent findings of Cognitive Science.  Our goal is to dramatically improve your cognitive life.

CogZest’s productive-learning workflows will optimise your mastery of information from all sources: books, ebooks, meetings, webinars, PDF files, web pages, videos, podcasts, etc.. This is not about speed reading. You already know how to skim; and speed reading claims have been refuted by cognitive scientists. We’re here to help you focus on and master the key bits of information that matter most to you out of the exabytes of data out there.  To quote W. Deming: “Information is not knowledge. The world is drowning in information but is slow in acquisition of knowledge. There is no substitute for knowledge.” We would add: “for excellence”, because the potential value of information includes but exceeds knowledge.

You will learn new workflows to help you transform information into  knowledge and more.  Our productive-learning with technology workshops will enable you to:

  • Determine what you really need to learn.
  • Assess the value of the information available to you.
  • Distill a document with software.
  • Identify knowledge gems: information you can use to solve problems that matter to you.
  • Better remember knowledge gems.
  • Systematically and optimally annotate electronic and paper documents, email, videos, etc. with powerful and inexpensive software.
  • Easily and rapidly access the documents you read and those you create about your documents.
  • Use knowledge gems to develop your skills, attitudes, habits and understanding.
  • Think and view the world in terms of these knowledge gems.
  • Apply knowledge gems across different domains, to solve problems (beyond mere chit-chat familiarity).
  • And much more.

This is not just about reading documents, it’s about learning from all sources of information. What matters is that you use knowledge gems to become a more effective person.

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