You can use the navigation bar to view and access our current research projects:

  1. A super secret app project. Sign up to be notified by CogSci Apps of our new macOS app based on my Cognitive Productivity books :).
  2. Meta-effectiveness: Developing Oneself with Knowledge, Technology and Cognitive Science,
  3. Self-quantification with mySelfQuantifier,
  4. Productive Practice with Technology,
  5. Affective Self-regulation: Volition, Emotion, Motivation, and Attitudes.
  6. Great Contemporaries in Cognitive Science and Related Endeavors,
  7. Sleep Onset and Insomnia project. See CogSci Apps Corp.’s and Luc P. Beaudoin’s SFU project page on insomnia,
  8. Significant improvements to a name mnemonic system, future tests of its effectiveness, software implementation, and an explanation of why it works,
  9. The Zest of Brel project, and
  10. Learning from Fiction and Other Forms of Art.

Most of these projects involve infinitely complex problems where progressive problem solving would never end. We like that.

“We” here refers to CogZest, which is mainly the work of its founder, Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin. He is also part of R&D teams inside and outside academia who contribute towards our objectives.

We welcome requests to collaborate on our R&D projects. CogZest also aims to increase the size of its team. We invite qualified knowledge workers who would passionately want to contribute to CogZest to get in touch.

CogZest spun off CogSci Apps Corp. in 2014, at which point it sold its (software) intellectual-property portfolio to that company. Some of our projects are in collaboration with CogSci Apps Corp.

Given the scope and number of our endeavours, some of them will take years to yield substantial results. We’re listing them here mainly to give you an idea of where we are heading. However, given that there is substantial overlap between these projects, and we have already made considerable progress on their fundamentals, we are optimistic that we will make further substantial contributions.