The Zest of Brel Project

Jacques Brel was a Belgium song writer, singer, director and performer. I can’t think of a more talented song writer in English or French. Brel was one of the three people to whose memory the book, Cognitive Productivity, was dedicated. This reflects the fact that cognitive productivity is not just about IT and science. Knowledge-based artistic creativity is included.

We aim for both breadth and depth at CogZest. Thus we focus on le Grand Jacques, and pay tribute to him.

This project extends several other CogZest projects:

CogZest Blog posts tagged with jacques-brel are part of this project. In particular, there is the draft of ACT in Three Acts, which describes a service that centered on limerence, acceptance and commitment. It featured Arnie Johnston’s English translations of four Jacques Brel songs.

Jacques Brel and his work will also be referenced in Discontinuities: Limerence, Art and Mind.