The bulk of Cognitive Productivity has just recently been released, but it is already garnering positive feedback from CogZest’s readers. These are people who see expertise not as an end-state, but  as an essential and ongoing professional process.

Read & Trust Blogger and software developer, Brett Terpstra, recommended the book for readers who are “interested in reading up on intelligently approaching productivity”.

Michael Arsenault:

Some of the biggest challenges we face in medicine are to select, process and use high-caliber information. Dr. Beaudoin has built a new framework to help us understand and tackle these challenges. His book has improved how I think about professional development. I’ve gained concepts and specific strategies to systematically translate knowledge into action.

Dr. Michael Arsenault
Emergency Pediatrician
CHU St-Justine, University Hospital Centre
Professeur adjoint de Clinique
Université de Montréal

Dr. Arsenault was head of St-Justine’s pediatric emergency ward, which is perhaps the largest such ward in North America.

Another reader : ” I’m enjoying #CognitiveProductivity: lots to think about. You name & explain things that have been worrying me for a long time. […] your focus on memory as a critical aspect of expertise is salutary: a core but usually neglected challenge in teaching/learning.”

Leanpub: “We’ve made Cognitive Productivity the featured book on Leanpub! ”

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