Cognitive Productivity Book by Luc P. Beaudoin

Luc P. Beaudoin’s new ebook, Cognitive Productivity, is now for sale on Amazon, iBookstore, Gumroad, and Leanpub. By purchasing this book on Leanpub or Gumroad, you get copies to read in ebook readers of your choice* or even in a PDF reader!

The Knowledge Age presents us with unparalleled opportunities to develop personal excellence on the basis of knowledge. But it also presents significant challenges. (For example, knowledge is presented in many different formats. It is difficult to manage information. Reading is not sufficient for mastering knowledge.) It’s important to understand both the opportunities and the challenges. That way, we can develop ways to improve ourselves with knowledge.

The ebook, Cognitive Productivity, explains potent concepts, principles and strategies that will help you use knowledge to become more effective. For example, you will learn to see information in terms of knowledge resources (e.g., books, ebooks, PDF files, web pages, podcasts, audiobooks, videos, screencasts, workshops, meetings) to exploit. This ebook will help you to

  • think clearly and systematically about what you do and ought to do with knowledge resources;
  • assess knowledge resources in terms of their caliber, usefulness, potency and appeal;
  • focus your attention on resources that are actually worth processing;
  • rapidly find resources that you have processed and your own information about them (e.g., the notes you take, the diagrams you draw, etc.);
  • analyze knowledge resources in terms that matter to you;
  • extract knowledge gems from these resources—a knowledge gem is a snip of information that you can use to solve problems, creates products and improve yourself;
  • efficiently master these knowledge gems.

Because we learn better with examples, the ebook, Cognitive Productivity, uses many examples, big and small, that are easy to understand. For example, it shows you how to learn relationship skills, lean startup and psychology from knowledge resources.

Because we seek so many different outcomes, the ebook, Cognitive Productivity, is designed to help you learn concepts, principles, skills, habits, standards and more. It is also designed to favour deep understanding. Based on cognitive science, this book specifically rejects “speed reading” and various other popular myths and scams about learning.

The ebook, Cognitive Productivity, also provides you with a coherent new way of thinking about your own mind and your learning. “Know thy self!” as the old saying goes.

So, if your career or personal happiness depend on continued learning, if you want to thrive in the Knowledge Age, then consider reading the new ebook, Cognitive Productivity.

Because this ebook is published on Leanpub, you can provide feedback to the author and actually affect the course of this book.

I published a glossary of some of the technical terms of this book on my Simon Fraser University blog.

Add Cognitive Productivity to your “mindware development kit.”

* Supported formats are PDF, ePub (compatible with Apple®’s iBooks and Android readers) and mobi.