About the Extras Available for Cognitive Productivity with macOS

Cognitive Productivity with macOS book is available on Leanpub, Apple’s iBookstore, Amazon’s Kindle store, and other stores.

“Extras” are available for this book from the Leanpub website. The Extras are bundled in the Leanpub version of this book, and also available as a stand-alone purchase. Whether you are currently a Leanpub customer or not, getting the Extras package is very simple:

  1. Customers who have purchased this book from Leanpub can download the Extras package from their Leanpub dashboard at no extra charge. Just click on this book in your Leanpub library (via the Dashboard) and then click on the “Download Extras” link there.
  2. Other customers can purchase the Extras package from this book’s Leanpub webpage. Thereafter, you will be able to re-download the book’s Extras package using step 1 above.

If you have acquired this book from a different store than Leanpub and are wondering why you have to pay extra for the Extras, here’s the answer. The Extras are not strictly part of the book. The non-Leanpub bookstores do not have an equivalent packaging mechanism. This book is typically priced much lower on most other bookstores, so it typically works out to about the same price (buying the full package on Leanpub vs. buying the book on another bookstore and buying the stand-alone Extras package on Leanpub). (Amazon for instance punishes publishers of books who price their books at more than $9.99 by taking over 70% of the revenue, rather than 30% for books priced $9.99 or less. Leanpub takes only 20%.) The Leanpub service makes it possible for me to maintain a single copy of this book and its Extras. I generate the book and its packages from Leanpub, and then I update other websites with the latest copy of the book. This reduces the risk of errors and helps to ensure that updates are quickly available to readers on all platforms. I have updated the book and its packages many times since its initial publication. Storing the Extras on Leanpub also means that if something happens to me, the Extras will continue to be available to readers in perpetuity.

The content of the Extras are described in this book and on the book’s Leanpub web page. When you download the package, you will find README files that explain its contents.