About CogZest

We use cognitive science to build products that improve your cognitive productivity. That is your effectiveness and efficiency at using knowledge to solve problems, develop products and develop yourself.

What is so special about CogZest? Our products are designed for the human mind. This is not just a marketing slogan. It’s our ethos.

  • We aim to improve our customers’ cognitive productivity (often by proposing new ways to use existing technology.)
  • Our products are based on research in broad cognitive science.
  • We don’t just apply cognitive science, we extend it.
  • We focus mainly on adults.
  • We have created software (which we transferred to CogSci Apps Corp.),
  • we publish and
  • we deliver services—always aiming to improve your cognitive productivity.

But what is cognitive science? It’s the leading interdisciplinary approach to understanding the human mind.

Many people view “cognition” in a very narrow sense. To them, it is about “dry” perception, reasoning, language, memory and related mental processes. Affect in contrast is the “hot” aspect of mental life (motivation, emotion and moods). However, we at CogZest believe that cognition and affect are highly intertwined , blended even. This simple shift in perspective has powerful consequences.

“CogZest”, the blended name of our enterprise, reflects this duality come unity. The name also reflects our enthusiasm for broad cognition. After all, this is what ultimately distinguishes humans from animals; and one human from the other. Our roots are long in this broad way of understanding the mind: In 1990, Luc Beaudoin became a founding member of the cognition and affect project which stipulated this mingling.

Our detailed understanding of, and passion about, the human mind guides our product development.

Many people are barely surviving in the “knowledge economy”. We are here to help you thrive in it.

Follow our founder, Luc, on Twitter: @LucCogZest

email: cz-info@cogzest.com

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