Discontinuities CogZest Summer Party: 2023-08-19 (Sat)

Luc P. Beaudoin will host a Discontinuities- and CogZest-themed party on Saturday 2023-08-19.

Don’t worry about the “theme”. All this means is that some of what some of us will discuss for a few minutes are the themes of the book — psychology, cognitive science, love, art, mind, etc. And there might be a 3-minute speech about the book that is in progress. And we’ll do a little tribute to Jocelyn Morlock

But it’s not strict. If you want to know what that book is about, please scroll down the bottom of this page: https://leanpub.com/discontinuities/.

But obviously people can and will talk about whatever they want. 😊 very little time will be dedicated to the book.

Invited guests, please RSVP and drop by any time from 18 onwards (or earlier if you don’t mind the hussle & bussle of me getting ready for the event). Wine and munchies will be provided; BYOB if that’s your flavor. Luc will share his home address with guests over email. Parking on the street of the complex (as opposed to inside the housing complex). Inside and (weather permitting) outside patio.

Invited are Luc’s friends, family, and SFU Cognitive Science faculty and their spouses.

Name tags will be provided on which you can scribble any topic you’d like to discuss — that can serve as a discussion pump. For instance, if you put “strange loops” on your name tag, one might ask you “What’s a strange loop, and why does it matter?”

Musicians are invited to bring a tune and instrument. We have a piano (which may or may not be tuned by then).

Luc’s romantic partner will be out of town unfortunately.

RSVP to Luc at lucb@cogzest.com. Please let him know whether you have a severe food or perfume allergy, or anything else medical we should know about.

Hookmark link to email

If you own Hookmark Basic, which is free, and have received an invitation, then you can click on this link to open the invitation. If that fails, paste this in Spotlight or a launcher: hook://email/775E8B8D-A34A-4C6C-8973-6B80E95277CF%40sfu.ca.

Contributors to Discontinuities

We will recognize the contributions of various contributors to the Discontinuities book, including Jocelyn Morlock. Compare this undeliverable letter of mine to Jocelyn.

Some media from prior events at Luc and his partner’s home

2015-11-13 Après-midi baroque: Couperin, Telemann, Bach

Michèle Desponts, Chris, Daniel et George ont répondu à l’attaque de la veille sur Paris avec de la douce musique:

  • Couperin, “La Basque et Les amusements”;
  • Telemann: “Sonate en trio en Do mineur”; et
  • J. S. Bach, “L’Offrande musicale”.



2018, 50è.




2019-05 Oeuvres de Piaf et autres

Un samedi printanier musical. Huguette Lacourse (qui est décédée l’an passé) fut accompagnée sur le clavier par Michèle Desponts.

Remembering Jocelyn Morlock

(Copied from the emailed invitation to the party)

On a somber note… the Discontinuities book is so overdue that one of its artistic contributors, Jocelyn Morlock, passed away before its completion.

During the summer of 2018, while Jocelyn and I were having coffee in Vancouver, I introduced Jocelyn to Hofstadter’s discussion of strange loops and his Gödel, Escher, Bach book. We didn’t talk about it until a full year later. So you can imagine the pleasant surprise I felt when at the VSO centennial concert the following spring, I looked at the program to find out what the original contribution of the VSO composer in residence to the evening concert would be (i.e., her contribution) … It was called … “Strange Loop”!

In August of that year, Jocelyn agreed to contribute to the Discontinuities book [that we had previously discussed] some of the sheet music of her Strange Loop piece.

When sitting down at a VSO concert on March 31st of this year, I had an incommensurably larger shocking experience of Betroffenheit… the maestro announced that Jocelyn had died earlier that week.

So… we’ll play some of Jocelyn’s Music on the 6 homepods here — anyone who would like to contribute a live or recorded tribute piece may do so.

Here’s a copy of an epistolary blog post I wrote in response to Jocelyn’s passing: Dear Jocelyn. (Epistolary communication is a theme of the Discontinuities book.)


We’ll try to keep the screened doors and windows open for air circulation. Also, we have a little back yard with patio and BBQ (and possibly a band) where guests can hang out … There’s also a large common area immediately across the hedge [south of] our yard.