Deep-Linking Worked Example

This page is a companion to a blog post written for Smile Software by Luc P. Beaudoin on Deep Linking for Deep Reading. The URL of this blog post will be added by Luc when provided by Smile

Please Click on this link to download the Deep Linking Worked Example Zip File that is described on the PDFPen blog.

Contents of the zip file

The zip file contains:

  1. Mental Perturbance.pdf: a copy of a paper that you can also find on ResearchGate, namely Mental perturbance: An integrative design-oriented concept for understanding repetitive thought, emotions and related phenomena involving a loss of control of executive functions, Simon Fraser University Education Reviews, 13 (1), 29-58.
  2. Mental Perturbance-notes.rtf: A RTF file containing a “worked example”, notes about the PDF.
  3. Mental Perturbance-notes.txt: The Markdown source of the latter, Mental Perturbance-notes.rtf, document (to help you explicitly examine the deep links),
  4. Notes-template.txt: A template for note-taking.


The purpose of this zip is to illustrate deep linking with the PDFpenPro and Hook Mac apps. The notes document contain deep PDF links that point to the companion PDF file (the paper).

This zip is also meant to help you understand how to evaluate a paper, while learning about mental perturbance!

This document illustrates a schema for delving, evaluating and mastering explanatory documents. The schema is presented in two of Dr. Luc Beaudoin’s e-books: