sapioaffinity is a term coined by Beaudoin, which means affinity for sapience, intelligence and competence. It’s discussed but not named in Lovers, Intellectual Loneliness, and an Enigma. It is an attitude (in the sense of Ortony, Clore & Collins (1988). Sapioaffinity is not the only affinity we have, of course, but Beaudoin argues it is a very important selection criterion. It’s a generalization of sapiosexuality (cf Geoffrey Miller’s The Mating Mind ) in evolutionary psychology. Sapiosexuality is a form of Assortative mating. Sapioaffinity does not necessarily involve sexual preference (e.g., one also uses it in choosing friends of one’s preferred sex, and friends without benefits, and people for non-friendship relationships too). It’s not merely for choosing but for evaluating and ranking. It’s normally implicit.

* perturbance. A term coined by Luc Beaudoin in 1992. See Mental Perturbance and Insomnia in the Pandemic: Ideas and Strategies – CogZest. See also Goal Processing in Autonomous Agents


insomnolence: A term coined by Beaudoin in 2012. Google it.