Somnolence+ : Sleep Wellness Services



Through the Somnolence+ initiative, we aim to educate organizations about the benefits of improved sleep onset and sleep efficiency for individual and organizational wellness and productivity.

We envision improved organizational wellness through the implementation of innovative programs, technology, and policy that recognizes the powerful impact of sleep on individual health, wellness, and productivity.

The organizational benefits to sleeping well

The benefits associated with the improved health of well-rested organizational members include increased productivity and creativity as well as more effective decision-making. Through the Somnolence+ initiative, we will assist your organization in developing programs and policy to promote better sleep, one of the pillars of good health.


Our services include:

– Education on sleep onset and sleep efficiency
– Workshops on sleep, sleep efficiency, and benefits
– Webinars/videos

Consulting Services/ Customized Programmes
– Consulting on potential organizational initiatives/policy/tools (e.g., mySleepButton) that could promote sleep onset and efficiency and organizational/employee wellness
– Consulting services on implementing organizational sleep wellness
Tools/packages promoting sleep/ research/ assessments

Needs Assessments/ Evaluations
– Determine your organization’s sleep efficiency needs
– Pilot and evaluate solutions
– Collaborate with research teams to advance sleep theory and develop effective solutions and innovations for organizations and their members

Initiative Partners

CogSci Apps Corp
Sheryl Guloy, PhD, Research and Consulting
Line Vermette Consulting

We have combined expertise within sleep innovation, research and development, organizational wellness, training, and performance improvement to provide you with sound consultation on sleep wellness and efficiency.