The Somnolence+ Initiative

Bringing sleep wellness to communities and organizations

Through the Somnolence+ Initiative, we aim to educate people and organizations about the benefits of improved sleep.

We envision improved organizational wellness through the implementation of innovative programmes, technology, and policy that recognizes the powerful impact of sleep on individual health, wellness, and productivity.

The organizational benefits of sleeping well

Sleep is one of the pillars of good health. Its benefits include:

  • increased productivity; decreased absenteeism
  • creativity; effective decision making
  • improved mental and physical health.

The Somnolence + Suite

The Somnolence + Initiative brings together insights from sleep research, technology, and organizational wellness to bring you:

Somnolence+ Series: Training

  • Education on sleep onset and sleep efficiency
  • Workshops
  • Webinars
    1. Sleeping: A pillar of health
    2. Sleeping Well: Sleep onset and hygiene
    3. Sleeping Troubles: Sleep disorders and treatments
    4. Sleeping Time: Sleep, shift work, and travel
    5. Sleeping to Perform: Sleep, decision making, and creativity
    6. Sleeping Soundly: Sleep, safety, and sound organizational policy

Somnolence+ Solutions

Needs Assessments/ Evaluations

    • Determining your organization’s sleep efficiency needs
    • Piloting and evaluating solutions

Customized Programmes

      • Consulting on developing organizational policies that promote improved sleep
      • Consulting on implementing organizational sleep wellness initiatives and tools (e.g., mySleepButton)

Somnolence+ Innovations

  • mySleepButton and other innovations to help you get the rest that you need

The Somnolence+ Initiative Partners

  • CogSci Apps Corp
  • CogZest
  • Sheryl Guloy, PhD, Research and Consulting
  • Seanna Takacs, PhD

We have combined expertise in sleep innovation, research and development, organizational wellness, training, and performance improvement. Together, we provide sound consultation on sleep efficiency and wellness because helping you to sleep soundly is our mission.