Your Time and Your Cognitive Productivity

What would you do with the time freed up by applying the following technique? And what would you do with the additional expertise you would develop?

Identify the 30% of your reading time that provides you with the lowest return on your investment.

Take half of that time (15%) and put it towards something more important (your kids, your other projects).

Take the other half (15%) and put it towards productively reading documents that will extend your excellence.

You may be wondering about these concepts: “Return on reading investment? Productive reading? Extending my excellence?” Those are good, important questions. We have the answers.

Here’s a concept that may change your life: your cognitive productivity. That’s your effectiveness and efficiency in learning from information, so that as you learn you push the boundaries of your excellence. To be cognitively productive, you need to focus on potent information and process it well.

We will help you respond to the challenges and opportunities you face in being cognitively productive: Identifying and focusing on the most potent information, distilling it, learning what you choose to learn from it and applying it when you need to.

We leverage the most relevant findings and principles of cognitive science through our services (training, consulting, coaching) and upcoming publications and software. We help you use technology to help you learn the important stuff.

You have access to abundant information and sophisticated technology. We will help you leverage them to push the boundaries of your excellence.

How important, then, is your cognitive productivity?