Why Most People Don’t Take as Many Notes as They Should, and What They Can Do About It

I claim that people don’t take as many notes as they should, and that this interferes with their cognitive productivity. This article elaborates on the claim, and points to a CogSci Apps® invention my colleagues and I developed to address these issues.

In Part 1 of the first Cognitive Productivity, I described the challenges and opportunities knowledge workers (and higher-ed students) face in Using Knowledge to Become Profoundly Effective. I won’t repeat all that here. Suffice it to say that this book discusses the meta-access problem and other reasons people don’t take create as many note documents as they should.

Here, I point to some new documents and screencasts I’ve published on Hook Productivity which describe these issues. They also explain how Hook address note-taking problems and opportunities.

The latter link includes a Free Video Tutorial: Hook for macOS created by Don MacAllister. We didn’t commission him to do the screencast — Don created it out of the blue. He doesn’t normally cover apps that are in beta, but felt that Hook was well worth doing so.

Here’s the note-taking screencast

For ease of viewing, here’s one of the screencasts I mentioned above:

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