Your Cognitive Productivity

Your opportunity

Every day, you have an opportunity to become even more effective than you already are! You have access to high-caliber knowledge resources: documents, podcasts, screen casts, coaches, mentors and more. Technology can enable you to capitalize on these resources.

Your problems

There are significant demands on your time. Work follows you home. Software for reading is built for skimming; yet you must delve deeply into complex information. Your competition is also well-informed. There are important things you’ve previously learned, read or been trained to do that you must apply more consistently. Organizing, remembering, accessing and capitalizing on pertinent information is challenging. So is self-directed learning.

Costly errors are often the result of failing to apply what one supposedly already knows—or should know—are they not?

Your mission

Your career and your enjoyment depend on your ability to learn efficiently and effectively.

Your passion for effectiveness

You love being a competent problem-solver. You understand that expertise is not a static end-state; it’s a fluid process. Your continued success requires that you reinvest in learning.

If we’ve just described you (or your staff), then you’ve come to the right place.


We help our customers use knowledge and technology to become more effective. Our services (training, consulting and coaching), and publications are based on cognitive science. (We recently spun off a company, CogSci Apps Corp. that develops software based on cognitive science.)

Luc P. Beaudoin’s recent book, Cognitive Productivity, describes the art and cognitive science of using knowledge to become more effective. Thrive in the Sea of Knowledge!


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