Humanist Meetings

This website is developed from a humanist perspective, per the Amsterdam Declaration. Some of the pages and blog posts here are materials for meetings of a Unitarian humanist group to which Luc P. Beaudoin belongs and contributes. Below is an incomplete list of We hope it would be of use to other groups.

This page may be augmented with links to specific posts. You can search for “humanist” on this website for materials explicitly regarding humanist issues.

  1. The Devil’s Advocate: On the Utility of Theistic Concepts and Myths for Psychologically-minded Atheists – CogZest
  2. Using the Cognitive Productivity Framework in Understanding October 7 and Beyond – CogZest
  3. Readings for a Humanist Meeting on Consciousness – CogZest, Some Myths and Productive Ideas About Consciousness – CogZest, and “Consciousness”: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Questions About the Human Mind – CogZest.
  4. Humanist Meeting On Self-directed Learning with Fiction – CogZest
  5. What’s Right in and What’s Missing from The Status Game book by Will Storr? – CogZest and blog post on same
  6. Notes Regarding a Humanist Meeting on Reverse Engineering the Human Mind – CogZest and video
  7. Bayesianism vs. Falsificationism (#139: Against Bayesianism — David Deutsch from The Joe Walker Podcast (formerly Jolly Swagman)) – CogZest
  8. Philosophical postmodernism: self-defeating cynical theories
  9. Why Beacon Unitarians Should Vote Against P8 – CogZest
  10. Transformative Experiences – CogZest and blog post on Transformative Experiences – CogZest.
  11. Psychological Hedonism Meets Value Pluralism: An Integrative Design-oriented Perspective – CogZest
  12. What is Not Black and White is Not Necessarily Shades of Grey Either: Watch out for Discontinuities – CogZest and Notes About Continuity and Discontinuities – CogZest.
  13. Eulogy to a founding member of our humanist group: Ralph Greer: Reminiscences about a Gentleman and Reflections on Cognitive Aging – CogZest.