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Ever since I published the first revision of Cognitive Productivity in June 2013, I have been making private notes of changes I make to this book. Now that the book is complete, I’ve concluded I really should publish release notes on my website for as many revisions of the book as possible. It’s not that I anticipate many revisions. At this point, I’m just handling errata and making minor changes in preparation for Amazon and iBookstore versions of the book (which incidentally might get a different title).

Why release notes for a Leanpub book?

  • Some readers will find it useful to know what new information has been added and what claims if any have been retracted as the book evolves. Unfortunately, current PDF tools do not make it easy to compare versions of documents. (Incidentally, that fact is pertinent to chapters 3 and 12 of Cognitive Productivity which discuss requirements for software to support cognitive productivity.) Release notes fill that gap.
  • Interested readers can now proof-read and comment on changes. This gives them a further opportunity to participate in the development of this book. In turn their feedback will improve the quality of the book for all readers. So, dear readers: please feel free to comment on the changes, or anything else in the book.
  • It will also help my copy editor verify the changes.
  • The extra effort will discourage me from updating this book (a useful constraint!)

Note that O’Reilly also offers release notes for its ebooks.

I hope you’ll find the release notes helpful.

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