Lean Publishing for Scholars-Why You Should Consider Leanpub

If you’re a scholar thinking of writing a book, be it for a general or scholarly audience, check out my post on Leanpub’s blog, Lean Scholarly Publishing With Leanpub. All types of authors experience advantages using Leanpub, but there are also some considerations that are particularly relevant to academics.

  • Leanpub not only facilitates publishing your book, it also helps you develop new knowledge.
  • Leanpub is a promising platform for the development of Ph.D. theses, something that hasn’t been tried before but could improve that hoary process.
  • With Leanpub, you can publish and monetize a lot of your existing scholarly content.
  • Leanpub allows you to rapidly handle errata.
  • Leanpub is also a promising platform for edited scholarly books.
  • With Leanpub you can finally ditch Word, without needing to resort to LaTeX. I even ditched the otherwise quite handy tool, Scrivener, in favour of an all powerful text editor plus Markdown.
  • You can apply scientific principles to writing (makes sense for a scientist!).

My post also lists the types of professionals you may need to hire, and suggests some criteria to consider. It even recommends experts who have been helpful to me.

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