“I Prefer Leanpub” Coupons Celebrating Availability of Cognitive Productivity on Amazon Store as a Kindle Book

As of today, Cognitive Productivity is available for sale on Amazon® as an ebook.

To celebrate this fact, the first 20 people who use the “I-Prefer-Leanpub” coupon URL in purchasing Cognitive Productivity from Leanpub will get this book for only $7.99, less than half the current Amazon price![*] (and half the recommended Leanpub price.) The URL coupon code is embedded in all Leanpub links in this post. Explicitly, it is:


Amazon, as you may have heard, has ruffled the feathers of authors and publishers. I won’t comment on that here.

However, I do encourage readers of Cognitive Productivity to purchase the book on Leanpub rather than Amazon, because:

  • Leanpub is much friendlier to readers.
  • Leanpub does not confine you, the reader, to the Kindle® jail, which I’ve described as such in a prior post and in Cognitive Productivity itself. With Leanpub you can read your book in whatever format you prefer: e-pub, PDF and/or .mobi. If you have Apple’s iBooks, you’ll find it to be a much better app than Kindle.
  • The book is currently cheaper on Leanpub than on Amazon, so you save money when you buy on Leanpub.
  • I, as an author, make more royalties on Leanpub, because Amazon takes a fat 65% cut of the purchase price whereas Leanpub takes a lean 10% (plus 50 cents) of this hard earned money.
  • With Leanpub you a get money-back satisfaction guarantee.

There are plenty of other reasons to prefer Leanpub. Visit their web site to see for yourself.

However, if you do prefer to purchase this book on Amazon, by all means go ahead. Either way, I am grateful to my readers. My main goal with CogZest is to help you Thrive in the sea of knowledge.


* Offer ends Friday November 14 2014 at 9PM Pacific. See Leanpub and Amazon’s terms of service for other conditions.

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