Postscript to Cognitive Productivity, and Relation to Cal Newport’s Deep Work Book

I’ve updated Cognitive Productivity with a new Postscript section. It includes a link to the equally new online version of the postscript, which I encourage you to read. That web page contains:

  • A summary of my ongoing projects, which are described in more detail in the Projects section of this website.
  • Some comments on select recent books related to Cognitive Productivity, including Cal Newport’s Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World.

Deep Work is obviously quite pertinent to Cognitive Productivity, though for some reason Newport chose not to refer to it. I don’t agree with everything Newport says. But you might find his book to be quite helpful. After reading Deep Work, I encourage you to compare and contrast the two books.

I will soon publish reviews of Deep Work, here and elsewhere. I will also publish free software that can help you with your deep work. This software will be available here at CogZest, and as an “extra” in our Cognitive Productivity with MacOS® book.

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