Introducing mySelfQuantifier

I’ve published several web pages on mySelfQuantifier, which is a self-quantification project I alluded to in part 3 of Cognitive Productivity. While time-tracking is its typical application, it is a general, yet simple, contribution to the Quantified Self movement.

Within a few days, I will upload the main missing pieces:

I will also provide more easily accessible links for these pages. [ √ Done 2016-09-01 10:57 PM]

Next week, I expect to publish screencasts demonstrating how one can use the mySelfQuantifier system. [√ Done 2016-09-10] An upcoming book, Cognitive Productivity with MacOS®: 7 Principles for Getting Smarter, will also describe this.

I’ve got quite a few blog posts to write about mySelfQuantifier. But I also have a very heavy R&D load on other projects.

Fear not, however, because there is enough original content in those web pages to keep you thinking about self-quantification for quite a while. tells me that the Psychological Rationale page alone has 6,940 words.

This project might surprise some of you who have read my criticisms of rampant number-based cognitive science. Well… as they say, “it’s complicated”. Or, in the words of quantifier Dr. Luiz Pessoa (author of The Cognitive Emotional Brain):

Embrace complexity

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