2018 “Celebration of SFU Authors”

I know I am not the only SFU author who, while writing his or her book, looks forward to the annual “Celebration of SFU Authors” event.

The event is always held on the 7th floor of the SFU library, which is of course atop one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

The event is an opportunity to encourage academic dialogue and ensure that works by SFU Authors are available to the University community through the Library’s collection.

I appreciate the university’s encouragement, and the opportunity to mingle with other authors.

At the event today, Professor David Chariandy read a captivating and eloquent excerpt from his new novel, Brother.

I enjoy browsing the SFU community’s recently published books. Amongst the professors I know who published books recently, there are

  • Tony Leyland: Exercise Programming: Science and Practice. I was particularly pleased to see his book because we had discussed it together.
  • David Fisher of the School of Interactive Arts and Technology: Eye Tracking and Visualization Foundations, Techniques, and Applications.
  • Professor Kathleen Slaney of the Department of Psychology: Validating Psychological Constructs: Historical, Philosophical, and Practical Dimensions. Being very interested in the creation, analysis, evaluation and usage of concepts I should read this book!
  • Professor Cheryl Amundsen of the Faculty of Education (my home faculty): Identity-Trajectories of Early Career Researchers: Unpacking the Post-PhD Experience.

The beautifully designed 2018 “Celebration of SFU Authors” event brochure is available online at SFU.

Over the last 2-3 years, Discontinuities: Love, Art, Mind has been something of a “perturbance” in me, in the sense that my attention has been drawn to this book project more than I tried to limit it to.. A pleasant distraction. As a result most of the work for this project is already done. I am looking forward to having the license to ramp up the percentage of time I spend on it.

I look forward to the next time I will attend an SFU authors’ event…2019?

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