New Papers Submitted for Publication and Update on My Upcoming Books

I’ve updated my ‎publications page at SFU.

In 2018 I wrote a lot, mostly internal documents for CogSci Apps, however!

  • I completed Cognitive Productivity with macOS®: 7 Principles for Getting Smarter with Knowledge.
  • I worked on a few academic papers, one of which has been accepted for publication in Sleep Medicine Reviews, pending revisions: “Pre-sleep cognitive activity”. Alexandre Lemyre is first author and Célyne H. Bastien is a co-author.
  • The latter paper sets the stage for my prior/next paper, whose working title is now: “Somnolent information processing: Towards an integrative design-oriented theory of sleep onset and insomnia”. (I say “prior”/”next” because I began , and finished a version of that one before submitting the “Pre-sleep cognitive activity” paper was submitted.)
  • I wrote a paper on perturbance, with co-authors: “Perturbance: Unifying research on emotion, repetitive thought, insomnia and other psychological phenomena with integrative design-oriented modeling of autonomous agents”. We will update it for a journal TBA. It is a substantial revision of our AISB-2017.
  • We also presented a poster to a sleep conference on the cognitive shuffle.

Other books

I’ve updated my books page to include future projects:

  • a book on “emotions”, and
  • a “collected technical writing” book.

A new app for Mac

But first, and any day now, we will launch our new cognitive productivity app for macOS which is sure to keep me quite busy.

Update Last week we released the beta version of the app I alluded to above: Hook Productivity. Beta period is free, and we expect there to continue to be a free tier after 1.0 is finalized.

Revision history

Revised 2019-02-07.

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  1. I really enjoyed your “Cognitive Productivity with macOS” book. I can no longer remember how I came upon it, but I’m really glad that I did!

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