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My colleagues and I at CogSci Apps have put a lot of work into our cognitive tools to help people do deep work with knowledge (Hook software, my Cognitive Productivity books and a forthcoming book.) I’ve also recently had the pleasure of collaborating with over 24 other knowledge workers (developers, professors and podcasters) towards the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking. It’s always gratifying to read about our work being discussed around the web. I’d like to single out a couple of pieces in particular.

First, is a long-form article by Professor Wang Shuyi (aka @wshuyi) of Tianjin University, published in the Scientific Research Tools column of SSPAI last year. We’ve posted a translation on Hook’s blog. Professor Shuyi’s translated article is over 3,500 English words and contains over 20 images and screencasts. It’s a well crafted piece.

Professor Wang Shuyi demoed Hook to his readership. He reports that “My group of friends expressed their amazement.” That’s our hope. Hook is a super nimble app but, if you’ll excuse the pleonasm, it contains a huge number of original inventions that can significantly improve even an expert’s knowledge work..

Second, this week-end Alexander Rink (@rcvd_io) published Scientific work with Craft: How Hook interconnects Craft and Skim to support your research with an efficient workflow.

Deep linking is an essential component of deep work. Hook enables users to link to specific locations in PDF files in any linkable app. We also added support for deep linking to specific locations in videos and audio files.

Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking

The Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking has also been reverberating around the web. I’ve lost track of the number of signatories and tweets. But you can view the current list of signatories here. Many of the entries contain insightful statements about why linking is important.

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