An Evening to Celebrate Camaraderie with the Zest of Brel

This evening, we are resurrecting the spirit of friendship of the Grand Jaques Brel, one day before his 83rd birthday anniversary (April 8, which falls on Easter Sunday this year).  I am hosting an intimate Celebration of Camaraderie with the “Zest of Brel”.
Jacques Brel himself celebrated friendship. He wrote and sung perfect songs about the human condition. I searched for the right epithet for his songs. “Perfect” is, I believe, not merely correct but perfect in that sentence. Never a gratuitous words in a Brel song. If you think of Shakespeare or have studied Brel, you might understand the exacting standard to which I am referring and the parallel between those two men.

CogZest studies and celebrates the productiveness of great minds. Our “Zest of Brel” project aims to bring the cognitive productivity of Jaques Brel to the English-speaking world. This is the first soirée of the  “Zest of Brel” project, as we gradually prepare for the 40th anniversary of his departure, which we intend to mark in a special way, if you will forgive the teaser. This evening itself is not about Brel but inspired by him. It is about us present. It is to sincerely celebrate friendship in a musical atmosphere that supports friendship. We will enjoy interpretations of Brel’s songs by Arnold Johnston, his official English translator. We will also hear Stan Rogers and Leonard Cohen, two Canadian singer songwriters.

I encourage those who admire Brel’s work and humanism to host their own evening of camaraderie, around Brel’s birthday. Let it become a world-wide tradition.

Luc P. Beaudoin

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