Good Things to Come in 2013

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, mentioned at D11 last week that Apple’s “customers love surprises”.  Our clients at CogZest have had the benefits of some of our products and a window into the future of cognitive productivity.  However, coincidentally, CogZest has been rather coy on this web site about our own direction.

CogZest will release new products this year.

  • I am about to publish a new book on leanpub. Its purpose is to help effective adults use knowledge to become even more effective.
  • We are evolving our services to exploit the new knowledge conveyed by this book.
  • We also are working on a new application that will address a very specific “effectiveness need” of millions of people. This software is based on new discoveries of mine in cognitive science. It will clearly demonstrate that cognitive science, when aptly extended and applied, can make its users significantly more effective. We are developing it with a new, zestful, twist on lean startup principles.

There are more goodies in our ambitious cognitive-productivity product pipeline. I trust you will, in due course, find them to be a pleasant surprise 😉

See you soon.

Luc P. Beaudoin

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Luc P. Beaudoin

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