Cognitive Productivity and Clinical Psychology

I’ve released a substantial update to Cognitive Productivity today. The changes are summarized on the release notes page.

The main change here is that I have renamed and completely rewritten Chapter 15, Meta-effectiveness framework and clinical psychology.

The basic idea is this:

there is a significant overlap between what psychologists often try to achieve with their clients, teachers aim to effect in their students, some authors hope to provide for their readers, and what readers should try to do with (at least some) potent knowledge resources, namely to produce deep mental change. That is, the purpose of psychotherapy, teaching and self-directed learning is normally mindware development. (p. 330 of PDF version).

I’m sure someone must have commented on this important overlap before, but I can’t recall reading about it.

I’ve broken the chapter into three sections.

Today’s update also has several other changes.

Please let me know in the comments what you think of the revised chapter.

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