Gratitude for an Excellent Web Developer/IT Service Provider

CogZest’s mission is “To help you use knowledge to become more effective.” We study, develop and celebrate expertise. I like working with great minds. (Who wouldn’t?) It improves my understanding of expertise and improves the quality of my work.

So, it’s a pleasure to reflect on the IT and web development services Jeff Rivett has provided to CogSci Apps Corp. and CogZest.

Before Jeff was referred to me in 2010, I had searched long and hard for someone to fulfill these critical services. Some of the entrepreneurs in the intensive course I took that year—on starting and running a business—were having serious problems with their web developers. So when I received a glowing recommendation from a friend for Jeff Rivett, I was relieved.

And the recommendation was spot on. Jeff Rivett is reliable, knowledgeable, pro-active, smart, passionate and trustworthy. He’s a very lucid communicator. He’s systematic and process-oriented. Those are all vitally important attributes for an IT service provider.

Jeff has been managing our web sites (including, analytics, problem tracking systems, version control systems, and backups since 2011. He also provides custom programming. He draws my attention to pertinent issues, events and opportunities. He’s “got our back”. When there are decisions to be made he clearly outlines the options with their respective trade-offs.

Jeff’s reasonable rates, knowledge and efficiency keep my costs down.

Being able to count on Jeff to fulfill our IT requirements means I can focus on my core projects.

So, if you’re looking for some IT service help, check out Jeff Rivett Consulting.

Here’s to excellent minds!

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Luc P. Beaudoin

Head of CogZest. Author of Cognitive Productivity books. Co-founder of CogSci Apps Corp. Adjunct Professor of Education, Simon Fraser University. Why, Where, and What I Write. See About Me for more information.

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