Presenting the Cognitive Productivity Research Program at CogSci 2015 in Pasadena

Earlier this year I described a grant proposal to research knowledge workers’ cognitive productivity. Tomorrow (July 25, 2015), I will present my second CogSci 2015 poster (in Pasadena, California). This one is co-authored with Prof. Geneviève Gauthier of the University of Alberta and Prof. Philip H. Winne of Simon Fraser University. It is humbly called “Cognitive Productivity Can Cognitive Science Improve How Knowledge Workers Use IT to Learn from Source Material?” If you read this blog, you know the answer is “yes”. So the questions really are:

  1. What are the key problems knowledge workers face trying to use IT to understand, apply and master knowledge resources?
  2. What information processing concepts, mechanisms and principles are most relevant to cognitive scientists and to KWs in addressing these problems?
  3. What strategies can we propose for selecting and using IT?
  4. How could IT better address these cognitive productivity / meta-effectiveness problems?

The poster is now available on SFU summit and will soon be available from Research Gate. For the bibliography and much more information, please refer to my book, Cognitive Productivity.

2015-07-26 update: here’s a picture of the event:


SDI poster CogSci 2015 picture of LPB

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