Left is Hiring Technical Staff in Metro-Vancouver Canada for Wave and Yo!

Yesterday I sung the praises of Left who on Thursday won the Wireless Broadband Alliance Industry’s Best Wireless Innovation and Excellence in Social Impact Award for their wave product.

Today I’m letting you know that Left is hiring technical staff.

Left develops Wave(Wireless Alternative for Variable Environments). Their technology is extremely interesting. They have the potential to make the world a much better place.

Let me quote:

The WAVE Platform can connect the remaining 2/3 of the world and move us all from “Always Connected to the Internet” to “Always Connected”. We can open access to a vast new market and empower new communities to enjoy the same online experience that many people take for granted.


The world’s best mesh communication platform for mobile devices means that everyone can share and connect – whoever they are or wherever they are.

Intelligent. The WAVE api automatically switches between hotspot and client modes in order to detect others in the mesh. When a client and hotspot node find each other, they will form a new mesh for people to join and share.

Fast If a node ‘hears’ more than one hotspot in client mode, it rapidly switches between them and acts as a router. This eliminates dropped connections and greatly improves sharing of content.

Reliable. If a node has Internet connectivity, they’ll have the option to ‘volunteer’ their bandwidth into the network. This can be done through their cellular data, or the device may rapidly switch from the WAVE network to the Internet similar to routing nodes

As you gathered from my last post (if you read it), the Left culture is truly excellent and employee-friendly. In addition to their many technical awards, they won the “Best Workplace BC” and many technical awards (2016).

Left needs some more IP and security savvy technical staff. Here are their current job openings.

NB: I myself am not actually working for Left, I’m currently working at left on CogZest and CogSci Apps. And I’m thoroughly enjoying interacting with them, and learning lots in the process.

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