Birthday Wishes to a Dear Relative: May You Have Your Chocolate Box and (Secular) Buddha Too

Cher —-,

Wishing you the best of what we hoped for during our irregular childhood “Cat Stevens Power Hours” together, when we were the “Oh Very Young”, made aware that “Morning Has Broken”. Feeling we were “Miles From Nowhere”, we were “Sitting” “On the Road to Find Out”, listening to “The Wind”. Believing we had hopped on the “Peace Train”, we tried to keep in mind that we might “Die Tonight”. Even at that “Time”, we wondered “Where Do The Children Play?”

Transfixed by “The Artist”, we felt we were in the “Foreigner Suite”, beyond the aims of becoming our own faint images of “Pop Star”‘s and “New Masters” — let alone “Les Bourgeois” we already were.

Elegiac despite our youth, we mourned our British and Belgian musical idols’ going “Back to Earth” within a year of each other.

May “Trouble” stay far away from you. But let’s prepare ourselves with “Buddha and the Chocolate Box” for the inevitable, well before one of us plays “Jo Jo” in memory of the other.


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