New CogSci Apps Logo: Social Cognitive Productivity

On the CogSci Apps blog, I announced the new CogSci Apps logo! Check it out. It’s a good example of social cognitive productivity: doing knowledge work with a great graphic designer, to create a concrete logo that meets multiple very abstract requirements.

CogSci Apps has a new logo and wordmark

CogSci Apps vertical logo

Other updates that illustrate the possibility of social cognitive productivity

  • I then spent a chunk of the afternoon working remotely with Sheryl Guloy, partner of the Somnolence+ alliance. We offer organizational training regarding sleep and wellness. We will launch our new website very soon and announce a new customer — a great university.
  • The public beta for CogSci Apps’ flagship macOS is coming very soon. We are a small company, but many people have contributed to the product and the upcoming launch.

Not all “deep work” is solo. E-mail, skype, phone calls can be very deep, social, playful, and productivity.

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