Keynote to Human’22 Workshop June 28


I’m delighted to announce that I will be giving a keynote presentation to the 5th Workshop on Human Factors in Hypertext – #HUMAN22 on June 28, 2022. The title of my talk will be “Hypertext Applications of Integrative Design-Oriented Cognitive Science: A Framework for Cognitive Productivity“.

HUMAN’22 is the fifth workshop of a series for the ACM Hypertext conferences. It is sponsored by SIGWEB and affiliated with the 33rd ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media. It has a strong focus on the user and thus is complementary to the strong machine analytics research direction that could be experienced in previous conferences.

The user-centric view on hypertext not only includes user interfaces and interaction, but also discussions about hypertext application domains. Furthermore, the workshop raises the question of how original hypertext ideas (e.g., Doug Engelbart’s “augmenting human intellect” or Frank Halasz’ “hypertext as a medium for thinking and communication”) can improve today’s hypertext systems.

I will explain how integrative design-oriented cognitive science can be used to develop “mindware” (the virtual machinery that runs your brain) and software, including hypertext.

I will draw from and extend prior publications such as:

The conference will be held in Barcelona and zoom (i.e., hybrid).

I hope you will attend the the workshop 😊 .

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