Exhibition of Lam Wong’s Paintings on Relation, Perception and Meaning (Sept. 2- 27, 2014, New Westminster)

If you love visual art and are around Metro-Vancouver this month, then consider attending the exhibition of Lam Wong’s paintings on “Relation, perception and meaning”. It runs from Sept 2 to Sept 27 at the Arts Council Gallery of New Westminster in Queen’s Park (closed Mondays).

You can tell from the title of this exhibition that Lam Wong’s interests overlap with those of cognitive scientists.

This overlap is evident in Lam Wong superlative work for CogZest and its sister company, CogSci Apps. Lam designed the new “visual hammer”(1) for CogZest’s verbal nail, Thrive in the sea of knowledge, which you can see at the top left of this web site. Lam also designed the stunning cover for my book, Cognitive Productivity. And Lam designed the powerful visual hammer for CogSci Apps’ mySleepButton.

I will attend the reception on Sept 7 (2–4PM). I’m looking forward to this event and hope to see many of you there.

Directions. The Gallery is annexed to the Centennial Lodge. Entrance at 1st Street and 3rd Avenue or McBride Boulevard at 6th Avenue.


1. The “visual hammer”, “verbal nail” terminology comes from Laura Ries’ e-pub book, Visual Hammer.

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