Insomnia Workshops: Designed to Promote Cognitive Productivity

I don’t usually blog about my workshops and presentations. But I thought I’d mention two workshops for School District 23 ( Okanagan) that I will give in Kelowna next Friday:

  1. Reading to learn with tablets and laptops.
  2. Getting more and better sleep.

The first workshop is based on my book, Cognitive Productivity: Using Knowledge to Become Profoundly Effective, which itself is based on extensive research.

The second workshop is based on my research on sleep onset and insomnia, which is described at SFU, on mySleepButton and elsewhere.

What does sleep have to do with cognitive productivity? A lot! On the one hand, sleep is an essential contributor to cognitive productivity. On the other, maintaining a sleep deficit, as too many of us do, erodes cognitive productivity.

I plan to write an interactive iBook on the subject next year. Until then, you can request a workshop from CogZest or read my scholarly publications on the subject. I’m also preparing a new journal article on the subject. (I’m very excited about that paper!) My colleagues and I will publish several papers over the next two years describing the results of our empirical research.

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