Does macOS Load Siri Faster in MacBook Pro with 32-GB of RAM?

In 2012, I blogged about How Dictation Benefits Cognitive Productivity. The now discontinued Dragon Dictate for Mac, on which I gave up several years ago, did have an advantage over Siri: it loaded faster. (It also was explicitly trainable.) In my consistent experience (well inference from experience) since the introduction of Siri for macOS, if Siri has not been invoked for more than a few minutes, macOS offloads Siri loads from RAM.

Siri’s latency interrupts flow and deprives the tool of some of the cognitive productivity benefits it might provide.

I have a fully-loaded top-end 2017 MacBook Pro. I ask myself: with the July 2018 32-GB MacBook Pro, when macOS detects copious available RAM, does it keep Siri loaded once the user has used it? I would buy such a MacBook Pro, if it solved this latency problem.

If you have a 32-GB MacBook Pro and experience with this, please let me know via comments, Twitter or email.

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