An integrative design-oriented research approach to autonomous agents

updated 2021-03-22: I’ve finally added the video for this talk, above.

Here are some notes about a guest lecture I will give in Dr. Angelica Lim’s course on Affective Computing (Dpt of Computer Science) at SFU on 2020-07-16. (Twitter handle)

I aim to inspire students about the importance, enjoyability and challenges of trying to understand entire minds of autonomous agents, using an integrative design-oriented approach. I will present several interesting problems and functions that call for such an understanding, and focus mainly on mental perturbance.

The lecture is partly based on a paper by myself, Monika Pudlo & Sylwia Hyniewska that is ‘in press’:

Mental perturbance: An integrative design-oriented concept for understanding repetitive thought, emotions and related phenomena involving a loss of control of
executive functions

that paper is partly based on our 2017 AISB paper.

Some relevant readings

Here are some relevant readings — much more than is realistic for a week.

Autonomous agency, emotion and perturbance 

Research Methods and programmes

Application to sleep onset and insomnolence

Books on ‘limerence’ (perturbant romantic love)

There’s no shortage of stories about limerence. My favorite these days is Les Liaisons dangereuses (French book). If your French is up to the challenge, go for the original French version. Otherwise, there are English translations, such as Dangerous Liaisons. There’s a great film adaptation: Dangerous Liaisons (but I strongly recommend reading the novel before watching the film.)

Non-fiction: Love and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love by Dorothy Tennov (book)

IDO applied to learning

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