Announcing the CogSci Apps Website and Other Good Things to Come

In prior updates, I’ve hinted that I am close to publicly releasing several products from several interrelated projects on which I’ve been collaborating at CogZest, CogSci Apps Corp., and Simon Fraser University.

I’m pleased to announce the first of two new CogSci Apps websites of 2018. This one is for CogSci Apps itself.

You’ll notice from its website that CogSci Apps’ slogan is “Apply knowledge.” The slogan reflects the fact that CogSci Apps applies cognitive science in its own products. It also reflects that CogSci Apps help users themselves to apply knowledge.

By no mere coincidence, the most important objective of my academic research, and at CogZest, is to understand and facilitate the application of knowledge — including “transfer of learning”.

This might sound rather abstract. But if you’ve read my Cognitive Productivity, or are an educator, you will have an idea about what I am getting. After all, the seventh principle of Cognitive Productivity with macOS® is to “apply knowledge” (reflectively).

Another Upcoming CogSci Apps Website

The way in which CogSci Apps helps one apply knowledge will be much more obvious with the upcoming public beta release of our new macOS app. We allude to this product on the CogSci Apps home page. This new app, I believe, is the first to directly addresses the difficult problem of transfer of learning.

CogSci Apps’s second new website of 2018 will be dedicated to this new product.

Given how radically unique CogSci Apps and “New TBA Product” are, designing their websites has been a very interesting cognitive challenge. They call for screencasts and other videos.


I’d like to express my gratitude to Apple for its “Think different” campaign, which reflected and helped develop a culture in which people can create products that are challenging to describe but easy to understand by seeing or using them.

Website for Somnolence+

Later this year, Sheryl Guloy and I will announce the release of a website for the Somnolence+ initiative, which she is leading.

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