Good Things to Come in 2013

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, mentioned at D11 last week that Apple’s “customers love surprises”.  Our clients at CogZest have had the benefits of some of our products and a window into the future of cognitive productivity.  However, coincidentally, CogZest has been rather coy on this web site about our own direction. Continue reading Good Things to Come in 2013

What’s Your Problem?

Ph.D. students I meet for the first time are sometimes taken aback when I ask them with a smile “What’s your problem?” I then clarify, “What problem are you addressing in your research?” Even then, they are often still bemused. That’s because many research students think that their task is to research a “topic”. Later, they conclude that their job is to “answer a question”.
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Benefits of Learning in Depth for Kids and Adults

It is often said that “there are no quick fixes in Education”. Yes and no. There are no panaceas, quick or not. However, for many complex problems in many domains, there are some relatively simple but potent partial solutions. Vaccination is one example.
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The Tenacity of Paper

Since 2001, I have been specifying the problems we face in learning with technology. I have been developing products—knowledge, software and services—to the cognitive-productivity challenges we face. The first draft of my first book on the subject is written. I am not giving up…

This video, however, provides an original view of the tenacity of paper. It suggests that people will not ditch paper. However, I believe it also demonstrates that people will ditch paper after they have put it to good use.